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We are accredited through the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH) and World Metaphysical Association (WMA). Our Reiki Integration program is also accredited with The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and we are officially an Approved Continuing Education credit provider.


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Gong Therapy

A live sound healing journey through vibrations that is always one of a kind.



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We offer a variety of holistic treatments that would best suit your individual needs.


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Happy Clients, Happy Relationships

JAMIE MORRIS – Student/ Yoga Instructor/ Community Builder ( Manteno, IL )

I highly recommend attending any and all of Simon's workshops he has to offer. His energy is so uplifting, he makes you grin from head to toe. He has so much wisdom and insight to share, and does it in a way that makes one excited to learn. Community events he offers are always bringing like minded people together to share experience wisdom, music, and healing. Simon Jay is the real deal, check him and his events out! Especially the healing gong bath!

JILL MARIE COE GANESHAN – HWH Student/ Reference Librarian at Frankfort Public Library ( Frankfort, IL )

One of my jobs as Reference Librarian at Frankfort Public Library is to offer unique experiences to our patrons. The "After Hours Sound Bath" we booked with Simon was an absolute sensation and a tremendous success. Over 50 people attended the event! Most were entirely new to sound healing and appreciated being introduced to the modality.

RICH AND NORA GONSHAK – Owner of Shivashack ( Chicago, IL )

Simon Jay has been offering a variety of classes and workshops at Shiva Shack for the last couple of years. We love being able to open up our studio to a greater community by hosting his events which are always well attended with people coming from far suburbs and from all over the city. Simon Jay puts a lot of thought and care into the community building aspect of his work, he's inclusive to everyone and a natural leader. We wish him the best on his path and look forward to working together for years to come!"

CHRISTINE ZENINO – HWH Certified Practitioner/ Student ( Chicago, IL )

I highly recommend the Sound Certification course! Simon Jay did an amazing job covering and condensing a vast amount of materials in just a couple of days and making it practical and easy to understand. The best part of the course was practicing everything we learned. It was a great experience! Probably the most effective and practical course I have taken.

PENNY PAULOS – Gongwash Sound Journey Attendee ( IL )

When I went to my first Gong Cleanse Ceremony, I wasn't sure what to expect. I just knew I wanted/needed to take my meditation practice to the next level. Simon Jay gave a great description of what it was about and what to expect. His passion for his craft comes through the moment you engage in conversation. He is so passionate and nurturing. Each ceremony I have had the pleasure to take part in, has been a unique experience. I've had the pleasure of speaking with him after each ceremony to discuss my experience and he is so generous with his time. Simon Jay really helped me to understand my journey. I have been forever blessed to have come across this great man and his amazing work. So grateful for him.

EMILE LISAUSKAITE – Owner of Rising Lotus Yoga ( Homer Glen, IL )

It's always a pleasure and honor working with Simon Jay. We can feel his love and dedication in creating a space for one to receive his profound sound healings. He guides all participants into a peaceful state first and gives us that opportunity to relax before the immersion. Simon has so many sound healing instruments and truly takes all beings on a beautiful journey! He is very nice and humble and opens up the space for people to share their experience in the end. We're excited to continue working with Simon at our Healing Center.

ERIC SODERHOLM – Founder of Soderworld Spa & Wellness Center ( Willowbrook, IL )

We are happy to have Simon do his sound healing magic at Soderworld. My goal was to create a place with great healers all under one roof. Proud to have him as one of them.

ADAM LUCE – (Co-Founder) Rock Soul Love ( Lockport, IL )

Simon Jay is an amazing human being with an extremely warm demeanor. His abilities as an instructor, musician, and Healer are rivaled only by his proficiency as a ‘light energy worker’. We are honored to host events at which Jay can perform.

RITA BORD – Owner of Sungates Center ( Wheeling, IL )

There so many amazing qualities and talents that Simon Jay has. For about 4 years he has been holding Gong washes and ceremonies at Sungates Center. We love the energy, healing sound and love what Simon Jay and his group brings to the space. His events are always filled out fast and we love having a full house. People follow him from different parts of Chicago area to be able to relax and heal their emotional and physical bodies while listening to the high vibrational sound of his instruments and Gongs. Thank you for bringing fun, uniqueness and love to every event.

Good Vibes, Good Lives

Bringing Balance and Harmony to Healthy Living

Harmonic Waves Healing is an accredited certification program with a focus on Holistic Health through combining Sound, Music, Vibration therapy and Qi energy field alignments. Our mission is to: 1) educate and bring awareness to the world about the impact of vibration frequencies to the mind, body, and our environment; 2) aid and assist in the alignment of the body’s energetic systems while healing emotional and mental traumas; 3) initiate participants to the practice of energy and vibration healing through attunements to bring harmony and balance to the mind, body, and energy centers and energy field.


Consideration and Care At the heart of our mission is the well-being, safety, and comfort of the people we aid and assist in their growth and personal healing. We gain trust and credibility through our respectful and caring approach, articulating empathy and actions through honorable conduct.


Each of us is responsible to uphold the highest of standards set forth in this code. 1) We treat every individual with dignity and honest courtesy. 2) Operate in communicative ask first and respect boundaries ideals. 3) Respect confidentiality and non-public information shared during any sessions.


We are committed to making a difference by understanding, educating, sharing experiences, and bringing harmonious balance within and through the many aspects of our lives with each session.



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Cymatics & Resonance

The science of the powerful aligning effects of vibrations.


Brainwaves Entrainment

The effects of sound on the consciousness and state of mind.


Chakra Frequency

Proper tones for healing activation on the body's energetic center


Reiki Energy Therapy

Integrated study and techniques on the subtle energetic fields.

Certification & Training Programs


We offer a variety of levels in certification, training and workshop programs to help you build a mindful well rounded and catered therapy session that best suit the needs of each individual.

I. Initiate Practitioner Training
Principles of Vibrations3 Hr 
Instruments for Healing3 Hr 
Tuning the Body, Tuning the Mind3 Hr 
Hands On Practice with Instruments3 Hr 
Clear Mind State and Reiki Energy Healing3 Hr 
Energy field and Intro to Tuning Forks3 Hr 
II. HWH Facilitator Training - Handheld Crystal Singing Bowl & Vibration Station
The Map of the Human Biofield3 Hr 
Brainwaves and State of Mind3 Hr 
Diagnosing and Assessing the Patient3 Hr 
Hands on Training with Crystal Singing Bowl3 hr 
III. HWH Facilitator Training - Singing Bowl Therapy for the Body and Energy Field
The 3 Dantiens / Chakra and the Human Biofield 3 Hr 
Vibration Medicine and Epigenetics3 Hr 
Protocols and Techniques for Treatments 3 Hr 
Hands on Training 3 Hr 
IV. HWH Facilitator Training - Tuning Forks, Chakras and Intro to the Meridian System
Chakras and the Human Biofield3 hr 
Traumas and Tension3 hr 
Tuning Fork Chakra Clearing3 hr 
Energy lines and Meridian 3 hr 
V. Harmonic Waves Master Practitioner
Reiki Master Level Atunement  
Energetic Trauma & Detachment Therapy  
Instrument Proficiency   
How to Setup a Successful Business Practice  

Singing Bowls Tuning Forks

Auditory and tactile tools for energetic alignment, mind and body wellness.


Gong Bath & Handpan

Powerful vibratory energetic flush and soothing tonal melodies.


Drum Trance & Rattle Cleanse

Indigenous instruments for mind exploration and energetic cleansing.


Crystal Therapy & Essential Oils

Powerful tools & techniques to give you a well rounded immersive session.

Practitioner Certification

Get Started On Your Journey

This three day intensive certification will teach fundamentals of vibration frequencies, Harmonic Waves Healing Therapy, and applications on how to use a variety of instruments as tools for sound healing. The use of intended frequency range from: altering state of consciousness, increase productivity, assist and speed healing rate, align energetic centers in the chakra system, neutralize the brain, stimulate healing in the body, create a much needed sense of relaxation and assist in releasing trauma.
This Course has 5 purpose:
1) teach the science of frequencies, sounds healing, and the effects Tonal Vibrations on the mind and body;
2) introduce the use of musical instruments as sound healing tools such as: Drums, rattle/shaker, singing bowls, gong, and tuning forks;
3) educate participants on how to use Brainwave Entrainment and the proper vibration frequencies for Chakra healing;
4) attune and initiate practitioners to Reiki Energy Healing
5) train practitioners in how to conduct a personal one on one session.



PART 1 (day 1) – Principles of Vibrations
- Intro to Frequencies, Sound, and Cymatics
- Understanding Sympathetic Resonance and the difference between A440 vs A432 Chromatic tuning
- Cosmic Keyboard and Solar Spectrum

PART 2 (day 1) – Instruments for Healing
- Understanding the functions of: Drums, Rattles, and Didigiridoo
- Understanding the functions of: Tingshas, Singing bowls and Body placement
- Hand Pan and Gong demo

PART 3 (day 2) – Tuning the Body, Tuning the Mind
- Brainwaves and Brain entrainment/ Binaural beats and isochronic frequencies
- Tactyle Transducer - Vibration bed Demo
- Working with Singing Bowls

PART 4 (day 2) – Customizing a Harmonic Wave Healing Therapy Session
- Client assessment
- Students hands on practice / Questions and Integration
- Customizing a one-on-one session

Harmonic Waves Healing Reiki & Tuning Forks Integration
Certified CE provide through (

PART 5 (day 3) - Mindful Approach
- (60 min/ 1CE) - Intro to Reiki’s history, lineage, and attunement levels
- (60 min/ 1CE) - Reiki Attunement – Entering the Reiki State
- (60 min/ 1CE) - Major hand placements - Self Reiki Demo

PART 6 (day 3) - Energy Centers and Tuning Forks
- (60 min/ 1CE) - Chakras – Identifying healthy and compromised chakras
- (60 min/ 1CE) - Tuning Fork Introduction – How to work with Tuning Forks
- (60 min/ 1CE) - Client Assessment and customizing a one-on-one session

Experience a

Gong Wash Sound Therapy

Live Sound Healing Journey

Meditation & Therapy

Find your peace of mind, calmness and balance. Realign your energies, goals and opportunities. Heal your mind, body, heart, energy and spirit. Try something new that will enrich and engage your heart, mind and energetic body as you get transported with the sacred sounds of the singing bowls, flute, bells, drums, handpan, and gongs in this journey through tones, frequencies and live sound bath.
This sound journey meditation experience is designed to:
- shift brainwaves and states of consciousness
- clear blockages in the energetic centers
- release tension in the physical body
- bring harmony and balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
Powerful gongs serve as a facilitator to break up energetic, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Featuring 2 unique and complementary gongs, the Sun gong and Atlantis. The "Sun Gong'' is specifically tuned to the vibrational frequency of the Sun and is associated with OM. It has been revered by Hindus since ancient times that the sun is the physical manifestation of OM, which gives life and vibrates its healing and life giving frequency. The second featured gong is the "Atlantis Gong," it can facilitate emotional release, clear energetic blockages and heighten intuitive connection. They both carry deep full bodied sound and harmonic overtones that can conjure up emotional depth, stimulate the nervous system, and provide a very potent energetic vibration cleanse.
What to Expect:
Lay down, relax your mind and body, and allow the sounds to take you on a journey through this transient and transformative experience. Be immersed in a 360° sonic immersion that can facilitate a cleansing, clearing, calming and stimulating energetic effect.
jay instruments gong


to Healing




passionate about holistic wellness and care


Simon Jay Cervania

Simon Jay Cervania, is the founder of the Harmonic Waves Healing Accredited Certification Program.  Using vibrations as a therapeutic tool, Jay travels and facilitates live sound journeys and gong washes. He is a multifaceted and talented artist, a painter of visionary art, and a musician with over 10 years of experience. Native to the Philippines, Jay came to America to master a variety of healing arts such as: energy healing, crystal therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy and is a Reiki Master Teacher. His passion working with music and sound healing therapy have led him to work with numerous cultural and wellness centers, yoga studios, and holistic healing spaces throughout the Chicagoland area. A student of the Chicago Shaolin Temple, he also leads qi gong/tai chi classes. He has lead various healing modality workshops, mindful events, and conscious community events. 


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